Tough-as-Nails: Saint Mary’s Brad Waldow Has Tooth Knocked Out, Just Keeps Playing (Video)

saint mary's brad waldow tooth knocked out keeps playing

I would never accuse basketball players of being soft. Basketball is a very physical sport, and to get the ball to the basketball you’ve got to endure a lot of hacks and elbows. So I’d classify high level basketball players as being pretty tough.

That being said, very few of them are quite as tough as Brad Waldow of the Saint Mary’s Gaels. On Saturday, in the semifinals of the West Coast Conference tournament against the San Diego Toreros, Waldow took an unintentional elbow right to the kisser that knocked out a front tooth. But what did he do? Well, for starters, after losing his tooth, he barely flinched and kept his hands up on defense. That right there is incredible. Then, after the play was dead, he picked up his tooth and tried to hand it to his head coach. But his coach wanted nothing to do with that nastiness, so Waldow just tossed it on the floor…and then went back onto the court and kept playing.

Take a look:

So how did Waldow finish? With 23 points, 16 rebounds, 4 blocks, and a 69-66 overtime victory.

Now Waldow and company will take on the Gonzaga Bulldogs for the WCC tournament championship. And while I guess you still have to give the edge to the #1 ranked Zags, if Waldow’s toughness is typical of the Gaels, I personally wouldn’t want to bet against them.

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