9 Worst NCAA Tournament Teams of All-Time

worst ncaa tournament teams

Yesterday, the Liberty University Flames men’s basketball team made history by winning the 2013 Big South Conference tournament, earning an automatic invitation to the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Why was it historic? Well, it wasn’t because this will be their first trip to the big dance, or anything like that. It was historic because the Flames are only the second 20-loss team ever to make the tournament.

Is Liberty the worst team in the history of the NCAA Tournament? Well, I did a little digging and the answer is definitely no, they’re not the worst. But they are on the short list. And if you’d like to see where they rank, you are in luck, because that’s the list we have for you today: worst NCAA Tournament teams ever. I started by ranking teams according to regular season winning percentage, then I looked at how the lowliest squads actually did in the first round of the tournaments and made a few adjustments. It’s not an exact science or anything, but I’m pretty sure we can all agree that none of these basketball teams were particularly good.

Let’s have a look and see who we’ve got.