12 Things You Should Know About the World Baseball Classic

world baseball classic 2013
The 2013 World Baseball Classic is going on right now on two different continents, but many North American sports fans aren’t really paying much attention to it. Why? Well, there are probably a number of good reasons.

First, casual hardball fans probably aren’t ready for competitive baseball in March. We call ball players “the boys of summer,” after all. Second, so many Major League Baseball teams moan and groan about having to “lose” their players to the WBC, and this must certainly rub off on the fans. Third, and probably most important in North America, the United States and Canada have done very poorly. Team USA has just a single 4th place finish in the first two editions of the WBC, and Team Canada’s best finish is 9th. Those aren’t exactly performances that will get local baseball fans pumped up.

However, I think baseball fans should be excited about the World Baseball Classic. And in an attempt to spark a little interest, today I’m bringing you a list of 12 things you should know about the event—a kind of primer to get you all caught up and ready to watch today’s second round action. After all, this really is a unique and fun event. So take a look at the list, then go set your DVR’s. Cool?

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