Here’s Why You Don’t See Many Gatorade Showers at Basketball Games (Video)

gatorade shower fail

Most people give the 1985 New York Giants credit for popularizing (if not inventing) the Gatorade shower—that great American victory celebration in which a team dumps a cooler of the beverage on their coach. The Giants did it to coach Bill Parcels in ’85 after a big win over the Redskins, and ever since then pretty much every football team at every level has performed the ritual after every big win.

But as popular at the Gatorade shower has become on the gridiron, you rarely see it on the basketball court. In fact, the first Gatorade shower in the NBA didn’t occur until 2008, when the Celtics doused Doc Rivers after winning the NBA Championship. And at lower levels of basketball, the practice is still pretty rare.

Why? Well, the reasons are kind of obvious. First, unlike football, when you dump a big tub of Gatorade on a basketball court, somebody is going to have to clean it up—and that somebody is not going to enjoy it. Second, a giant tub of Gatorade is actually very bad for a nice hardwood basketball court. In the NBA, the millionaires can afford to replace pieces of the floor if it’s damaged, but at lower levels they cannot.

Third, when you dump a giant tub of Gatorade on a basketball court, the surface becomes slippery, and thus, dangerous.

This brings us to the video we have for you here. At a recent community college women’s basketball game, the winning team decided to shower their coach with Gatorade following a victory, and pretty much everything goes wrong. First, the players can’t lift the cooler above their heads, so they basically shower their coach’s crotch. Then the coach slips and falls flat on his face. Then some woman gets up to help the coach, and of course she slips and takes an even nastier spill.

If not for the fact that the woman might actually have been seriously injured, this whole scene would be pretty hilarious. Take a look:

Yep, that is why you don’t see the Gatorade shower in basketball.

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