Guy Jumps Over Speeding Lamborghini Murcielago (Video)

guy jumps over speeding lamborghini

A little while back, we showed you a video of some parkour enthusiast jumping over (and under and through) a bunch of cars stopped in traffic. At the time we said that was a pretty ballsy thing to do, given that you never know if you’re jumping over the car of some crazy person with a magnum in their glovebox. However, the stunt man in the video we have for you today makes that other guy look downright conservative.

I mean, parked cars? Who cares about jumping over a Kia that’s just sitting there. Jump over a Lamborghini Murcielago that’s speeding right at you like the guy in this video. Then I’ll be impressed.

Seriously. At the Top Gear Festival over the weekend in Sydney, Australia, this daredevil jumped over a moving Lamborghini. If he lept just a millisecond too early he would have hit the back of the car and been sent flying. If he lept just a millisecond too late…well, he would have been chopped in half.

Fortunately, he lept at just the right time, and it all made for an awesome video.

Here’s one angle:

Here’s another:

See what I mean? This guy has a pair of brass cojones.

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