Ottawa Senator Kaspars Daugavins Unsuccessfully Attempts Crazy Shootout Move (Video)

kaspars daugavins trick ottawa senators shot shootout

Everybody loves a good trick shot, and hockey shootouts and penalty shots provide perfect opportunities for these spectacles. In fact, it seems that gimmicks are becoming really popular in hockey shootouts, as we have seen about five really good ones in 2013 alone.

First there was the ankle-breaker from Mike Ratchuk in the Austrian EBEL. Then there was Pavel Datsyuk’s amazing KHL farewell goal and Jori Lehtera’s incredible penalty shot from the KHL All-Star Game. After that there was Todd Bertuzzi’s trick shot in an exhibition game during the Red Wings’ training camp, which was followed by Damian Brunner’s sweet moves in an actual NHL shootout at the end of January.

So, like I said, it’s been a good year for trick shootouts. However, none of those can compare to the one we saw from Ottawa’s Kaspars Daugavins against the Bruins last night.

Actually, scratch that. None of those would have compared…had Daugavins’ trickery actually worked.

Still, you have to admire the guy’s creativity and willingness to try something new. Take a look:

I’m not really sure how handling the puck with the toe of the blade is supposed to deceive the goalie. If anything, you would think keeping the puck camouflaged by the blade would be more helpful. But I guess Kaspars was desperate and, you know, it sure looked fancy on TV—even if the Sens did end up losing the shootout to the Bruins.

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