There Might Be a Retired NFL Legend on the Cover of ‘Madden 25’…or Chad Johnson

chad johnson madden 25 cover

Madden 14 will be released on August 27, and EA Sports has already made a couple of interesting choices regarding the iconic game.

First, they’ve decided to ditch the convention of naming the game after the year it’s released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Thus, Madden 14 will actually be called Madden 25.

Second, and more interesting, while EA will once again allow fans to decide who makes the cover of the game through a March Madness-style vote on ESPN’s SportsNation, there is a new twist for this special edition game. Namely, fans can choose not only from a list of 32 of today’s biggest NFL stars, but they can also choose from a list of retired NFL greats…and Chad Johnson.

Seriously. The “legends” options include Joe Montana, Marshall Faulk, Dan Marino, Michael Strahan, Deion Sanders…and the player formerly known as Ochocinco.

Now, I’m not saying Chad Johnson wasn’t good. He was. But it’s funny to see his name listed among all those other greats. And the way I figure it, there are two possible reasons for his inclusion in the Madden cover bracket: either the Bengals are so bad that he really is the best player they ever had—and that is a genuine possibility—or EA Sports just felt bad that they left him out of last year’s game.

You remember that, right? After getting arrested for domestic battery, then getting a divorce from his hot wife (only after getting her face tattooed on his leg), Johnson discovered that he was not even in Madden 13, and he seemed pretty bummed out about that.

So after being left out of last year’s game, now Johnson actually has a chance—albeit a remote one—to make the cover of this year’s game. Funny how life works.

In any case…who are you going to vote for?

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