Moroccan Soccer Player Delivers Studs To Opponent’s Head (Video)

studs up soccer tackle

Last week we told you about the controversial red card that was handed to Manchester United’s Nani following a dangerous studs-up tackle during his club’s 2-1 loss to Real Madrid in UEFA Champions League play.  That decision by the official essentially cost Man United the match and a shot at winning their fourth UCL title, resulting in a worldwide debate regarding whether or not the Portuguese midfielder should have been dismissed for the infraction.

While I’m not so sure which side of that debate I stand on, there is one thing that I am certain of: Manchester United fans all over the world are probably wishing their UCL match against Real Madrid was officiated by the same dude who was working a Moroccan league game between CODM Meknès and Chabab Rif Hoceima over the weekend.

You see, during that game, CRA’s Nabil Amghar delivered a vicious stud-up challenge to the head of CODM’s Adil Serraj.  The result was a stretcher ride off the pitch and a head full of blood for Serraj.  As for Amghar, he only received a yellow card for his actions.

Seems like a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.  Especially after you consider the fact that Nani was dismissed for what seemed to be a far less dangerous tackle.

Check it out:

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