Brook Lopez Posterized His Twin Brother Robin Last Night (Video)

brook lopez posterizes twin brother robin

No basketball player likes getting posterized. When another guy runs right through you and dunks in your face you just look helpless, and it’s embarrassing.

Of course, there is something worse than getting posterized: getting posterized by your twin brother. After all, if you get beat by somebody who is intrinsically better than you, like Blake Griffin or Kevin Durant, that’s understandable. But getting beat by somebody who is genetically identical? That can’t feel good. I mean, what’s your excuse? He’s better than me? Uh, no. He’s exactly as good as you. So it must really sting.

Or at least, I assume it must sting. I am neither an identical twin nor a professional basketball player.

If you really want to know what it’s like to get posterized by your genetic self, ask New Orleans Hornets center Robin Lopez, because he got posterized by his twin brother Brook Lopez last night in Brooklyn.

Take a look:

That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? And you would assume it’s got to be the first time a guy has dunked on his twin brother in the NBA…but you would be wrong.

Brook’s dunk over Robin last night was actually just payback. Robin posterized Brook back in 2010:

These two had better start playing nice, or else their mom is going to send them to their room without dinner.

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