Jeff Gordon Pranks a Used Car Dealer (Video)

jeff gordon pepsi prank

Wouldn’t it be funny if NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon put on a disguise, went to a used car dealership with a hidden camera, and pulled a prank on some unsuspecting salesman?

Well, the advertising executives in charge of a new Pepsi Max campaign thought so. So they created a new commercial featuring a genuine hidden camera prank in which Gordon does exactly what I just described. He has hair and makeup people glue a goatee on his face, then he shows up at a dealership saying, “awwwe gee I dunno if I can handle a Chevy Camero.” Then he lets the salesman in his sweet sweater vest talk him into a test drive, and on that test drive he opens it up like a cop in an action movie.

It’s actually pretty funny, even if there is no way on earth this was a real prank. (You didn’t think Pepsi Max would put a person’s life in danger without their consent, did you?)

Take a look:

That’s some surprisingly good acting from Jeff Gordon. And the salesman really does a good job of…well, selling it. So hat’s off to the folks at Pepsi (and Chevrolet, I guess) for making a pretty fun commercial.

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