I’m Starting to Think These Kiss Cam Fights Might Be Staged (Video)

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This kiss cam thing is getting a little out of hand, isn’t it? Sure, it was kind of cute when it first started, and there have been some genuinely amusing kiss cam moments—like when President Obama gave his wife Michelle a big old presidential smooch at the Verizon Center last summer, or when John C. Reilly made out with Will Ferrell at a Lakers Game. But these days more and more teams have resorted to staging kiss cam shenanigans, and it’s kind of embarrassing.

Take the following example. It’s from a recent Houston Rockets game, and there are a number of very obvious indications that this is not a real couple. First off, why would this woman be angry that her boyfriend kissed her on kiss cam? That’s the most obvious problem. And once you get past that, there are other hints. One is the fact that these two are just terrible actors Another is the fact that the guy tries to apologize to her by handing her (1) a stuffed rat, (2) a bucket of popcorn, and (3) a soda—all of which make hilarious props.

And then there’s the hot woman sitting right next to the dude. The fact that she is sitting right there when there is a seat open to her left is the first clue that she will somehow factor into this skit. Then, sure enough, when the more ordinary-looking “girlfriend” refuses to make out on kiss cam, the hot chick jumps in just as you figured she would.

What can I say? Chicks love dudes with awesome tattoos around their biceps.

Now that’s some good, wholesome family entertainment!

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