AC Milan Commentator Tiziano Crudeli Has a Meltdown During 4-0 UCL Loss to Barcelona (Video)

tiziano crudeli reacting to ac milan loss to barcelona

A few weeks ago, after AC Milan’s shocking 2-0 victory over Barcelona in the first leg of their Round of 16 Champions League matchup, we told you how AC Milan commentator Tiziano Crudeli went totally bonkers while calling the match. The reaction was hardly a surprise, given that signor Crudeli is a lifelong rossoneri fan who has made a nice living off of his over-the-top commentary. But, you know, it was still pretty hilarious.

Of course, at the end of that post from two weeks ago, my esteemed colleague here at Total Pro Sports, JamieD, wrote the following prescient words: “I don’t even want to think about what we might see from Tiziano Crudeli should AC Milan blow their 2-0 aggregate lead when these two teams meet again for the second leg in Barcelona two weeks from now.

Well, it happened.

Yesterday AC Milan blew their 2-0 aggregate lead. The incomparable Lionel Messi scored twice and Barcelona pounded AC Milan 4-0, advancing to the quarterfinals of the Champions League via a 4-2 victory on aggregate. And sure enough, Tiziano Crudeli absolutely lost his mind.

Take a look:

You gotta love those Italians. Who else would have an entire television program in which you just watch the commentator call the game? Personally, my favorite part of this clip is Crudeli’s call of the 4th goal. By that time, the outcome of the match is a foregone conclusion and his emotions are drained, so he announced the tally like a civil servant calling out numbers at the DMV.

Better luck next time, Tiziano.

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