Warren Sapp Dropped a Couple of F-Bombs on the NFL Network Yesterday (Videos)

warren sapp nfl network f-bombs

Over the last decade or so, most NFL fans outside New England have gotten pretty sick and tired of hearing about the Patriots and their blowhard coach, Bill Belichick. I know I certainly count myself among that group, even though I really enjoy watching the team play.

But it’s not just NFL fans who are sick of hearing about Bill Belichick. Some NFL analysts have also had enough, and that makes perfect sense. After all, while we fans can just turn off the TV if we get sick of hearing the same old thing, the guys who talk football for a living have no such recourse.

So should we really be surprised to hear that the NFL Network’s Warren Sapp dropped a few f-bombs yesterday when Scott Hanson’s interview with former Pats GM Scott Pioli played up Pioli’s Bill Belichick connection? No, not really. A lot of viewers probably thought the same thing. However, we should be surprised that Sapp’s f-bombs made it to the air. Lord knows he and everyone else was surprised—the guy’s microphone was not supposed to be live.

Take a listen. As Hanson is talking, you can hear Sapp whisper to somebody, “This is the same f**king segment we had Mike Lombardi do. The f**king Bill Belichick f**king angle.”

Interestingly, later in the broadcast Hanson referenced Sapp’s f-bombs without really acknowledging them, and everybody had a good laugh:

Obviously, that was an unfortunate mistake. But, really, you can’t blame Warren Sapp. He just said what we all think.

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