Bucks’ Larry Sanders Hands Out Thumbs-Up to the Officials (Video)

larry sanders thumbs up

The Milwaukee  Bucks are almost a lock to make this year’s NBA playoffs, as they currently sit in eighth place, eight games ahead of the ninth-place Toronto Raptors.  However, you have to believe that the Bucks would love to get as many wins as they can over the final month of the season so that they can move up in the standings and avoid a first-round match-up with the seemingly unbeatable Miami Heat.

Well, losing to the lowly Washington Wizards isn’t going to help their cause.  And no one seemed to recognize that more than NBA Defensive Player of the Year front-runner, Larry Sanders, who unleashed his frustration on the officials during last night’s loss by flashing them each a big thumbs-up late in the fourth quarter, resulting in two technical fouls and an ejection.

Check it out:

At least he didn’t call the refs “f*%king fags,” or throw his mouthpiece at them.  We’ll give Sanders a thumbs-up for that.

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