Dennis Rodman Visits Vatican For Pope Unveiling, Gets Interviewed By BBC (Video)

dennis rodman in rome new pope

I guess NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman is feeling like a bona fide diplomat after his much publicized peace-making trip to North Korea. Because on Wednesday, the guy they call “The Worm” showed up outside the Vatican in Rome, ready to talk about the pope to anybody who would listen.

And yes, for some reason, there were plenty of people actually interested in what Dennis Rodman thought about the Roman Catholic Church, the papal conclave, and the election of a new apostolic successor to Saint Peter—despite the fact that Rodman was in Rome on a trip sponsored by the Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power.

So who was interested in what Rodman had to say, you ask? Was it TMZ, or Inside Edition? No. Try the venerable BBC.

The official public broadcasting corporation of the United Kingdom did an actual interview with Dennis Rodman, asking him to share his feelings about the pope, as though he had some kind of expertise that would make his opinions actually useful to the general public.

Take a look:

So Dennis Rodman had his money on a black pope. Hopefully you didn’t run out and make a last-minute wager based on his inside intel.

Also, what’s that about a woman pope, Mr. Worm? Obviously you’re not a Catholic.

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