Kobe Bryant on Ankle Sprain: Dahntay Jones “Jalen Rose’d me” (Videos)

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On Wednesday night in Atlanta, Kobe Bryant missed a game-tying two-pointer from the baseline that cost the Lakers the game. However, much more painful than the loss to the Hawks was the fact that Kobe suffered a severe ankle sprain on the play. And this isn’t a regular old severe ankle sprain. It’s a controversial severe ankle sprain.

Now, I bet you’re wondering, “how can an ankle sprain be controversial?” And the answer, of course, is when the guy who suffered the injury accuses another player—in this case, Dahntay Jones—of inflicting it intentionally.

After the game, when asked by a reported how the injury compared to others he had suffered in the past, Kobe Bryant said, “He Jalen Rose’d me.” That assertion, as NBA historians will remember, was a reference to the 2000 NBA Finals between the Pacers and Lakers in which Indiana’s Jalen Rose seemed to intentionally stick his foot underneath Kobe while he was coming down from a jump shot. The Lakers star suffered a sprained ankle on that play and missed the rest of that game and the next.

So what did ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose have to say about Kobe turning his name into a verb? He fessed up and admitted that he was indeed trying to injure Kobe back in 2000. Here’s a look at Kobe’s interview and Rose’s response:

Now, as for the issue of whether Kobe actually was “Jalen Rose’d” by Dahntay Jones, as is customary in this day and age, Jones took to Twitter to deny it:

dahntay jones tweet 1

Of course, one fellow Twitterite was kind enough to point out that, um, Jones had in fact tried to intentionally injure Kobe Bryant in the past. It was the 2009 NBA Playoffs, and Jones tripped Bryant on purpose:

Uh oh! Busted!

After that Jones issued another tweet:

dahntay jones tweet 2

So much for the “I would never” argument.

In any case, if you’d like to judge for yourself whether Dahntay Jones intentionally injured Kobe Bryant by sticking his foot underneath his fadeaway jump shot, then here you go:

So let’s here it, internet. You’re the boss. Was this intentional or not?

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