The Phoenix Coyotes “Player of the Game” Trophy Is a WWE-Style Championship Belt (Pic)

One of the best locker room traditions in the NHL today is the awarding of a ceremonial trophy to the guy deemed “Player of the Game” after a victory. During their Stanley Cup Championship run in 2011, the Bruins would give the player of the game a sweet vintage leather Bruins jacket that was bought on eBay by Andrew Ference. The Rangers, on the other hand, have taken to giving the P.O.T.G a stupid hat they call the Broadway Hat. And last year, the St. Louis Blues would make the P.O.T.G. wear a glorious wiener hat.

These “trophies” were all organic and spontaneous, of course. The traditions just kind of happened. But there’s nothing wrong with a team coming up with a well thought-out player of the game trophy—so long as it’s really awesome. And the P.O.T.G. trophy of the Phoenix Coyotes is definitely really awesome.

What is it? It’s a WWE-style championship belt.

But it’s not just some championship belt somebody bought on eBay. It’s a custom Phoenix Coyotes championship belt.

coyots player of the game championship belt

This tradition started with backup netminder Jason LaBarbera. Somehow, he got his hands on a genuine John Cena WWE championship belt, and that soon became the player of the game trophy. But then the team decided that the Cena belt wasn’t Coyotes enough. So they had one made just for them.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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