Rugby Fans Brawl During Super League Match in South Africa (Video)

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There was a really nasty brawl at the Sharks-Kings game back on March 9. However, it wasn’t the Sharks-Kings game you’re thinking. The San Jose Sharks played the Blues that day, and the Los Angeles Kings played the Flames.

No, the Sharks and Kings I’m talking about are South African rugby teams based in Durban and Port Elizabeth, respectively, that compete in the international “Super Rugby” competition between clubs in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. And when they met up at the Kings’ Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium this past Saturday, their fans were jacked up and ready to rumble.

In the clip we have for you, there are actually two brawls—or at least one brawl with two fronts. The first starts off with some giant muscle-head in a striped shirt easily dispatching about three or four other combatants. That one cools off for a moment, and the person shooting the video focuses in on the other fight taking place just to the left. Then the first fight picks up again, and this time the muscle-head in the striped shirt finds somebody his own size (and also in a striped shirt) to tangle with. Striped shirt guy 1 head-butts striped shirt guy 2, then striped shirt guy 2 throws his beer in the face of striped shirt guy 1. Meanwhile, some diminutive would-be peacemakers almost get pounded.

Then, all of a sudden, the hostilities dry up, there is some hand-shaking, and everyone just goes on their way.

Have a look:

Obviously, the lesson here is don’t mess with South African rugby fans.

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