This Headshot from the Swedish Elite League Is as Vicious as They Come (Video)

hockey headshot in sweden fractures skull

This week, NHL fans saw a pretty reckless (if not vicious) headshot from the Ducks’ Corey Perry on the Wild’s Jason Zucker that landed the talented sniper a four-game suspension. However, the crisis of headshots and concussions in hockey is not limited solely to the NHL. It’s a problem anywhere and everywhere the game is played—including Sweden.

In the top-flight Swedish Elite League, during a quarterfinal playoff game between #1 Skellefteå and #8 Brynäs on Tuesday night, Skellefteå forward Pierre-Édouard Bellemare was absolutely obliterated by a late hit from Brynäs defenseman Robin Jacobsson.

Just have a look:

Now that is a brutal hit. Bellemare suffered a broken jaw on that hit, which is hardly a surprise, and underwent surgery that night. It remains to be seen what other repercussions he will suffer, but it’s a guarantee that he’ll be out a couple weeks.

As for Jacobsson, obviously he was ejected from the game. His fate is supposed to be decided by the SEL Disciplinary Board some time today. He should probably expect the penalty to be pretty stiff.

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