15 Impressive Winning Streaks You Might Not Have Heard Of

longest winning streaks in sports

The Miami Heat’s winning streak is now up to 20 games. Only four teams in NBA history have ever won 20 straight games, and at this point you’d have to say that LeBron and company have a legitimate shot at eclipsing the all-time record of 33 games, which was set by the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers.

If the Heat do set a new record—and that’s still a big if—it would be a momentous occasion. The mark set by Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, and company is one of the greatest streaks in sports. It’s right up there next to the Patriot’s 21 consecutive regular season NFL victories, the Chicago Cubs’ 21 straight MLB wins, and the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 17 straight NHL Ws.

However, there are a lot more impressive sports winning streaks out there besides the ones from the four major North American sports leagues. If the Heat get all this attention for getting within 14 games of setting a new record, why shouldn’t some of these other crazy streaks get some attention, too?

Well, today they do. Here is a list of 15 impressive winning streaks from the world of sports that you might not have heard of. Some are from major leagues, others from minor leagues. But they are all impressive, regardless of the sport or the level of competition. So let’s give them their due.