Check Out this 360 Dunk from Tennessee’s Jordan McRae (Video)

jordan mcrae 360 dunk tennessee

Beyond Kentucky and Florida, and I guess (to a lesser extent) the underachieving Missouri, we don’t expect much from the SEC when it comes to basketball. Sure, there are a few other programs that were historically significant and are respectable now, like Arkansas and LSU. But this is a conference that exists for football and tolerates every other sport. We just don’t expect a lot of first-rate hoops.

Well, Tennessee’s Jordan McRae raised our collective eyebrows last night. Late in the Volunteers’ second round romp over lowly Mississippi State, McRae stole the ball as the Bulldogs brought it past center court and took it in for a dunk. But it wasn’t just any dunk. It was a showtime, 360° statement dunk.

Here is the video. Unfortunately, the announcers were too busy having a deep conversation about how good Tennessee is to notice Tennessee being good—which is to say, their reaction was not commensurate to the moment. That certainly doesn’t detract from the dunk, though:

Jordan McRae and the Volunteers now move on to play Alabama in the SEC quarterfinals today, and if they win that they’ll get Florida in the semis. Hopefully, for their sake, McRae has a little more showtime left in him.

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