Florida’s Shawn Matthias Scored (Maybe) the Best Goal So Far This Season (Video)

shawn matthias shorthanded goal

Usually when we praise an athlete’s effort, it’s when they did not actually win. We tell them, “Good job! Good effort!” because we want them to know we appreciate the fact that they didn’t lose because of a lack of will.

However, every once in a while you get to praise a guy for his hustle even when he succeeds. Such is the case today with Florida Panthers center Shawn Matthias. Last night against the Boston Bruins, with his team shorthanded and already down 2-0, Matthias notched a shorthanded tally that just might be the goal of the year, and it was all because he simply wanted the puck more than Boston’s Dougie Hamilton.

The play starts with Milan Lucic carrying the puck into the zone and making an errant pass that eludes Hamilton and slides down the ice. From there a race breaks out between Matthias and Hamilton, Hamilton dives for the puck, comes up with it, and then puts a nifty move on Tukka Rask and slides the puck into the goal off the far post.

It’s as good a play as we’ve seen all year. Have a look:

Now, some people are saying Matthias should have been called for tripping there, but (a) those people are no fun, and (b) it’s not tripping. Nobody had possession of the puck, Matthias dove for it, got in between Hamilton and the puck, and then Hamilton tripped over him while moving from left to right. If you think that kind of play should be illegal, then why do you even like hockey?

Well done, Shawn Matthias. Well done.

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