Shaq Wore a Breathtaking White Three-Piece Suit on TNT Last Night (Video)

shaq crazy white suit

Last night on TNT’s NBA Tip-Off, the one and only Shaquille O’Neal made quite the bold wardrobe choice.

Now, I know what you’re saying—Shaq always makes somewhat bold wardrobe choices. But I tell you, even for Shaq, this outfit was extreme. The guy was wearing a bright white three-piece suit.

And I’m not talking about off-white, or some other milder variation called “eggshell” or “vanilla.” I’m talking the whitest white you can get. If it were any more white, it would have been a sweater vest and a pair of dockers.

So what was the occasion? Well, the way I figure it, Shaq was either (a) under the impression that the papal conclave had just elected him as the new pope, or (b) he’s preparing for a new AlmightyLeBron Almighty, perhaps?—movie in which he replaces Morgan Freeman as God. Either way, the guy took a lot of flak for his bold haberdashery. Charles Barkley thought he looked like the ice cream man, and one twitter user said he looked like an inside out ice cream sandwich.

Personally, I thought he looked like a giant marshmallow man with chocolate sprinkles, but that’s just me.

Here’s the video:

Sorry, I forgot to remind you to put on your shades first.

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