NASCAR Fight: Joey Logano Confronted Denny Hamlin After the Ford City 500 at Bristol (Video)

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The 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup season is only a few weeks old, but rivalries are already starting to get nasty between some of the drivers.

After the season-opening Daytona 500 on February 24, Denny Hamlin started a little Twitter feud with his former Joe Gibbs Racing teammate, Joey Logano.

Hamlin tweeted at Brad Keselowski, “sorry I couldn’t get close to you cuz your genius temmate was too busy messing up the inside line 1 move at a time.” The “genius” he was referring to was Logano, who now races for Penske. Clint Bowyer, who races for Michael Waltrip Racing, also got in on the Logano-bashing, tweeting “2nd that.” Logano, meanwhile, replied, “@DennyHamlin, I Remember when you were MY genius teammate. #LoveYouMeanIt.”

Thus, right off the bat, some bad blood was brewing.

Now fast-forward to the fourth race of the season, the Ford City 500 at Bristol on Sunday. Logano was battling with Jeff Gordon for the lead about 350 laps into the race when Hamlin bumped him from behind and spun him out. The contact didn’t end Logano’s day—he finished the race and wound up in 17th place—but it did ruin his chance to get the victory. So after the race, he went on over to Hamlin’s car to have a little chat about it, and a good old-fashioned NASCAR fight ensued.

Here’s video of the confrontation both on and off the race track, plus some comments from the drivers:

If you like feuds, you’ll want to keep an eye on this one. There’s a lot of racing left in the 2013 Spring Cup Series, so this could get intense.

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