Sergei Kostitsyn’s Inexplicable Line Change is the NHL’s “Worst Play of the Year” (Video)

sergei kostitsyn quit on play

Earlier in the month, the Nashville Predators decided to experiment with their power-play by moving forward Sergei Kostitsyn to the point on their first power-play unit.

They might want to abandon that experiment after watching Kostitsyn inexplicably quit on a play and go off for a line change after the puck bounced over his stick and into the neutral zone during a Predators’ power-play last night.  The result was a 2-on-1 for the Oilers’, which Lennart Petrell converted for the game-winning goal during Edmonton’s 2-1 victory.

Check it out:

On second thought, rather than simply abandoning the power-play experiment, perhaps the Predators should take a page from the Montreal Canadiens’ book and consider abandoning the Sergei Kostitsyn experiment all together.

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