Cheerleading Fail: Hawks Dancer Knocked Unconscious After Falling on Her Face (Video)

atlanta hawks cheerleading fail dancer falls hits head

Cheerleading can be a pretty dangerous activity. Mishaps are bound to happen. However, we expect to see them when somebody is attempting to do some kind of advanced acrobatic move, or maybe when they get a little too close to the action.

Far less common are serious cheerleading injuries resulting from simple leg kicks. But apparently even that happens. Just ask the Atlanta Hawks cheerleader known only as Kristen.

Last night, in between the 3rd and 4th quarters of the game between the Hawks and Mavericks in Atlanta, Kristen fell down while performing a leg kick, hit her head on the court, and knocked herself right out. Or at least I assume she knocked herself right out. She certainly didn’t move after hitting the floor. Instead, she laid there motionless for what seemed like an eternity while the doctors for both teams attended to her. Then she was loaded onto a stretcher and carried off.

Take a look at at the video:

Who knew leg kicks could be so dangerous?

Anyway, Kristen was taken to a local hospital and checked out as a precaution. However, she was just fine and was sent home late last night. Today she’s probably got just a stiff neck…and a bruised ego.

Here’s hoping she gets back up on that metaphorical horse for the Hawks’ next home game.

Hat Tip – [Atlanta Journal-Constituion]

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