Celtics Announcer Tommy Heinsohn Mocks the Referees and “The Great LeBron” (Video)

funny Tommy Heinsohn call Lebron foul

There is nothing wrong with regional sports announcers being homers. If the broadcast is going to the fans of one team, why shouldn’t the announcer cater to that market? That’s the whole point of cable television.

That being said, we should expect broadcasters to be a little classier and more rational than the average fan. When we, the fans at home, start getting a little carried away—and I don’t know about you, but I definitely take things way too far sometimes—we really don’t need the announcers egging us on and making it worse. We need somebody to calm us down and get us to take a step back from the ledge.

Unfortunately, the Boston Celtics’ Tommy Heinsohn does not feel the same way about where the lines ought to be drawn in sports broadcasting. The guy played for the Celtics, the guy coached for the Celtics, and now the guy calls games for the Celtics. He’s as big of a Celtics fan as you’re going to find, and he isn’t going to tone it down for television.

Case in point: this call from last night’s Heat-Celtics game at the Garden. The refs called a foul on LeBron James and Tommy just about lost his mind, mocking “The Great LeBron.”

Have a listen:

It doesn’t sound like old Tommy is a big LeBron James fan. And I guess, at the age of 78, he’s not willing to pretend like he is.

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