The WWE Waited a Whole Week After Paul Bearer’s Death to Start Exploiting It (Video)

cm punk mocks undertaker with paul bearer's urn

A couple weeks ago, the WWE’s Paul Bearer, legendary manager of The Undertaker, passed away at the age of 58. And I don’t mean the WWE killed off the character or anything like that. I mean the actual guy, William Moody, died. For real.

So what is the appropriate waiting period before the WWE starts working Moody’s untimely death into its storyline and making money off of it? Apparently, for the WWE, it’s about a week.

Last week, just one week after Paul Bearer’s passing, the storyline on Monday Night Raw saw CM Punk steal the urn supposedly containing the dead man’s ashes. Now, on this week’s edition of the show, they’ve ramped the antics up a notch, having CM Punk taunt The Undertaker while holding (and juggling and dropping) his late manager’s urn.

Here’s a clip:

Again, they didn’t just kill off the character, Paul Bearer. The guy who played him really died. Hopefully the WWE kicked in a few bucks to at least cover the costs of the guy’s funeral.

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