Inspirational Video: Youth Hockey Player Helps Teammate with Special Needs Score a Goal (Video)

kid helps special needs teammate score a goal

If you’re in need of a feel-good story to boost your spirits, this one is for you.

Every year, hockey teams from all over Canada, the Eastern United States, and even the U.K. converge in Kitchener, Ontario, for the Special Hockey International. This isn’t a competitive tournament, as you probably guessed by the name. It’s a tournament for young people with a variety of special needs, and it offers a somewhat Olympic feel for the participants, complete with opening and closing ceremonies.

Well, at this year’s Special Hockey International—the theme of which is “Yes I Can”—the 32 teams in attendance were shown a video that perfectly captures what the event is all about. This video was recorded last year at a Guelph Giants hockey game, and in it we see one kid helping another kid on his team score a goal. And by “help,” I don’t mean he just gave him the puck, or fell out of the way. By “help,” I mean this kid showed more patience and support than most grown adults are even capable of.

It’s really pretty awesome. Take a look:

I don’t know who that kid is, but I bet his parents are proud of him.

If you’d like to know more about the Special Hockey International, which is going on right now, you can find it on their website.

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