Phillies’ Hooters Ball Girl Nearly Run Over by Yankees’ Ronnier Mustelier (Video)

hooters ball girl

You wouldn’t think that anyone would ever complain about Hooters girls getting in the way too often, but the MLB may soon change that.

Last week we saw one of the Philadelphia Phillies’ Hooters Ball Girls scoop up a fair ball and toss it into the stands.

As for the latest instance of Hooters Ball Girl fails, it took place during yesterday’s spring training match-up between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees, as the lovely young lady was nearly bulldozed by Yanks third baseman Ronnier Mustelier after she failed to get out of the way of a pop-fly in foul territory.  Luckily, this was only spring training and the game didn’t mean anything, else she probably would have served her last pound of wings.

Check it out:

And wouldn’t you know it, on the very next pitch the Phillies’ Domenic Brown hit a home run to right field.  I’m sure the Phillies fans cut her some slack because of that.

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