President Obama Has Filled Out His Presidential March Madness Bracket (Video)

president barack obama fills out march madness bracket

It’s crunch time, sports fans. You’ve got a little less than a day to get those NCAA Tournament brackets filled out. And if you need a little help making your selections, well, that’s what the President of the United States is for, right?

On Wednesday, ESPN did their annual segment on SportsCenter in which President Obama reveals his bracket to Andy Katz. So who does the Commander in Chief like? Well, he had Louisville, Indiana, Ohio State, and Florida in the Final Four. Then he had Indiana beating Louisville in the National Championship Game.

What else do we learn? Barry thinks the Big Ten is the best conference in basketball this year…and he wasn’t a fan of those neon green uniforms Notre Dame wore last week.

Have a look:

So there you go. Now that that’s out of the way, the President can get back to solving this “fiscal crisis” thing.

Seriously, though, as Katz points out at the beginning, despite being a huge basketball fan, President Obama didn’t have a great record picking the Big Dance during his first term. So take that into account when considering his recommendations.

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