Pot-Bellied Serbian Basketball Fan Really Knows How to Work the Crowd (Video)

crazy fan at adriatic league basketball game

Back in December we showed you video of a very unlucky Gonzaga basketball fan who “won” the chance to take a half-court shot during halftime, then gave us possibly the worst such attempt of all-time. It was funny but, you know, also kind of sad. After flubbing the shot, the dude hung his head in shame like Charlie Brown.

It didn’t have to be that way, though. The guy didn’t have to let his 100% lack of basketball talent ruin his moment in the spotlight. He could have acted like this guy did at a recent Adriatic League basketball game in Serbia—working the crowd, strutting his stuff, and, of course, taking off his shirt to reveal his giant pot belly and fuzzy back. Oh, and refusing the leave the court.

Take a look:

This is from a recent game between Serbia’s KK Partizan and Bosnia’s KK Igokea. The guy may be terrible at basketball, but he’s really good at working a crowd. In fact, he’s so good that, by the end of the video, you feel like the basketball game has turned into a fascist political rally.

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