Sucker Punch at Australian Soccer Game Caught by Television Cameras (Video)

sucker punch at australian soccer game

Obviously, when sports fans get all worked up and full of beer, not-so-gentlemanly disagreements are going to happen. And obviously, these disagreements often lead to fisticuffs.

Most of the time the combatants are willing participants. But every once in a while you’ll see some scumbag take things to another level by throwing an unexpected punch. We saw this happen during the first week of the 2012 NFL season, when a male Jets fan punched a female Bills fan in the face. And today we have another example that is actually worse.

Seriously, it’s worse than punching a woman in the face. At least the female Bills fan was involved in the tussle that preceded the sucker punch. She wasn’t just minding her own business. The guy in this video, however, was minding his own business.

At a recent Australian A-League soccer game between the Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne Heart, this guy was leading a section of fans in a chant when some other guy just moseyed on up to him and cold-cocked him in the face. It was completely unexpected and it seemed to have knocked the guy out.

Here’s the video. As it begins, look for the guy in the lower left corner in a blue hoodie. He walks over to the shirtless guy in the bottom center of the frame and decks him.

Now, from what I can tell, this is a mixed section of fans. There are Melbourne Heart shirts in there, and there are Sydney Wanderers fans in there. So I’m guessing there might have been some tension. But at the time the punch was thrown, nobody was pushing or yelling or anything like that. So maybe this was some kind of retribution for something that had taken place earlier.

Or maybe the guy in the blue hoodie just felt like knocking somebody out.

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