The 15 Hottest Girlfriends of Tiger Woods


Did you hear the  big news yesterday? Tiger Woods is dating Lindsey Vonn!

Actually, it’s not really news. We told you about that way back in January. But now it’s official, because Tiger announced it on his Facebook page along with some photographs of the sports superstars just hanging out like a regular couple—a regular couple who announces their relationship by posting pics shot by a professional photographer.

In any case, Lindsey Vonn is one of the most desirable female athletes in the world (taking into account her success on the slopes and her natural good looks), so she will definitely upgrade Tiger’s image.  That being said, we can’t help but wonder where Lindsey ranks on the long list of women with whom her golfer BF has been associated over the last several years. You know—all the strippers and porn stars and cocktail waitresses and aspiring models?

Today, therefore, we’re going to take a look all of Tiger’s recent “girlfriends” and see how Lindsey Vonn stacks up. I’m guessing she’ll stack up pretty well, but don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself.


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