Italian Serie D Soccer Coach Attacks His Own Player (Video)

italian soccer coach attacks his own player

The Serie D league is pretty low on the Italian soccer pyramid. Up top, of course, is Serie A. Then there’s Serie B, followed by Lega Pro 1 and Lega Pro 2. That’s it for the professional soccer. Below that, on the fifth tier of the Italian league system, is Serie D, an amateur division consisting of 162 teams split up into nine regional divisions. If a team wins its division, it gets promoted to Lega Pro 2—but only if the club can afford to actually pay its players. If not, they’ll just go down the list to find a club that can afford it.

The point? Life in Serie D soccer is not glamorous. However, this is still Italy we’re talking about, so they still take Serie D soccer very seriously.

How seriously? Well, seriously enough for a coach to attack one of his own players after he got sent off for a dirty tackle.

Last weekend, second-place team Nuova Cosenza lost to visiting team Vibonese 2-1. Late in that game, Cosenza midfielder Franco Da Dalt was handed his second yellow card of the match, thus resulting in a red card and an ejection. His manager, Gianluca Gagliardi, was not happy. So he assaulted Da Dalt as he was walking off the pitch and down the stairs to the team’s locker room.

The irony in all this? The coach himself was ejected from the game just a few minutes earlier for arguing with the referees.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Have a look at the video:

Don’t worry about these two, though. Apparently it’s quite common for Italian soccer coaches to attack their players. They probably kissed and made up afterward over a nice bottle of vino.

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