12 Coaches with a Lot of Money at Stake in the 2012 NCAA Tournament

ncaa tournament coach bonuses 2013

Tens of millions of people around the world are financially invested in the outcomes of NCAA Tournament games. The schools stand to reap major financial windfalls via surging TV revenue, merchandise sales, and ticket sales if their teams do well. Individual players could see their NBA draft stock skyrocket with a couple of clutch performances, which could get them additional millions. (Right, Gordon Hayward?) And of course, fans around the world have placed bets or paid into pools (both legal and illegal) and are watching the sports ticker with baited breath.

However, nobody has as much riding on the outcomes of these NCAA Tournament games as the coaches—at least not in such a legal, black and white way. That’s because most college basketball coaches have contracts that award bonuses for making it to the Big Dance, as well as bonuses for advancing into the later rounds. So when you see coaches upset about a loss or ecstatic about a win, that’s not just a matter of pride. It’s also because they know they just subtracted or added $25,000 to their salary.

So what coaches have the most at stake in this year’s tournament? Well, that’s a good question. And this list is the answer. Have a look.


All figures courtesy of Forbes.


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