JaVale McGee Gives Us the Block of the Year (Video)

javale mcgee block

While everyone has been busy talking about the Miami Heat’s historic 24-game (and counting) winning streak, the Denver Nuggets have put together a pretty nice little winning streak of their own. After their last loss, which came against the Wizards of all teams on February 22, Denver was a respectable 34-22. Now, 14 straight wins later, they are a far more formidable 48-22. And their last win may have been the most interesting one yet.

Last night against the 76ers in Denver, the Nuggets trailed by five points with 10 seconds to go and came back to win…and yet, that wasn’t even the most exciting thing that happened in the game. Instead, the most exciting thing that happened in the game was a block by JaVale McGee in the first quarter.

That probably seems crazy, but it’s not. This wasn’t just any block. Philadelphia’s Arnett Moultrie lofted a hook shot, and McGee jumped what seemed like 20 feet into the air and snatched it in mid-flight. It was majestic.

Have a look:

Now that’s a block.

Interestingly, this is not the first great JaVale McGee highlight we’ve had this year. The guy gets traded to Denver and all of a sudden he stops doing idiotic things. Maybe the high altitude keeps the blood out of the part of the brain that makes poor decisions. Who knows?

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