Martin Brodeur Scores, Becomes All-Time Leader for Goals by a Goalie (Video)

martin brodeur scores 3rd career goal

Last night in Raleigh, Devils goalie Martin Brodeur made history. In a 4-1 victory over the Hurricanes, the future Hall of Famer scored the third goal of his career, thus passing Ron Hextal on the list of career goals by a goaltender. And like most goals scored by goaltenders, it was a bizarre play.

What happened was this. Early in the first period with the score still at 0-0, Carolina’s Patrick Dwyer carried the puck in the New Jersey zone, made a move around two New Jersey players, and took the puck to the net. Just as he was about to fire a shot, however, Marek Zidlicky put a hook on Dwyer and got whistled for a delayed penalty. Immediately after that, Brodeur brushed the puck away, but the referees deemed he didn’t have control of it, so the play was not whistled dead.  Then, Jordan Stall collected it in the corner and flung it back toward the blue line, assuming one of his players would be there. Only, they weren’t. The puck then bounced off the boards in the neutral zone and into the Carolina net that had been vacated when the delayed penalty was called.

Of course, in soccer, when somebody scores an own goal, no one on the offensive team gets credit. But in the NHL, they give credit for an own goal to whoever touched the puck last on the offensive team. And in this case, that was Martin Brodeaur.

If you followed all that, then you realize the irony, here: although Brodeaur was not deemed to have controlled the puck enough to stop play, he got credit for “scoring” a goal.

Take a look:

In case you were wondering, this was the 13th goal ever scored by a goalie in the NHL. Seven of them, including this one, were “own goals.”

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