This Karate Kick Knockout Is Absolutely Ridiculous (Video)

insane karate knockout

So I came across this clip on YouTube called “Karate Knockout The greatest ever.” It was uploaded on March 22, 2013, and it had no description at all—doesn’t say when the clip was shot, what event it came from, or who the combatants are.

Obviously, I’m thinking, “Greatest ever? Sure, right.”

Then I start watching and, right away, I assume the guy who is at least a half-foot taller than the other guy is going to be the one to deliver the knockout. After all, he’s got the longer reach, and his primary knockout target (i.e., his head) is further away.

Of course, all of my assumptions were way wrong. It’s the shorter dude who does the knocking out, and I’m no Karate expert or anything, but it just may be the greatest karate knockout ever.

Take a look:

Seriously, was that wicked or what? And what do you call it? A bicycle kick?

Welcome to the Matrix, dude.

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