See Why They Call this Fat Guy the “Welsh Maradona” (Videos)

fat guy juggling soccer ball amazing welsh maradona

We all know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover. However, let’s be real, here: when we’re talking about a guy with long greasy hair who looks to be about 100 pounds overweight and is wearing a dumpy-looking sweatsuit, who on earth would think, “Hmm, I bet this guy has absolutely amazing footy skills”?

Nobody, that’s who.

But of course, you see where I’m going with this, don’t you? That’s right. Today we’ve got an awesome video of the exact man I just described putting on an absolutely incredible soccer juggling display down by the Milford Docks in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Just take a look:

How amazing is that? Well, it’s so amazing that I didn’t even believe it was real at first. I thought, that’s got to be some guy in a fat suit pulling off an amazing prank.

However, it turns out that this guy is somewhat of a local legend in Pembrokeshire. He even has a sweet nickname: The Welsh Maradona. And, of course, there are other videos of him juggling down by the Milford Docks in which he is not wearing a baggy sweatsuit.

Here is one:

And here is another:

So there you have it: the Welsh Maradona. He’s the real deal.

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