50 of the Most Gruesome Sports Injuries of All-Time

gruesome sports injuries

Nobody likes seeing their favorite player go down with a groin injury or a high ankle sprain. However, while those kinds of injuries can keep players on the disabled list for a long time, at least they usually don’t endanger their careers. Not all sports injuries are so mild. In fact, some are so gruesome that they make your stomach turn. And, obviously, those are the ones we’re looking at today.

It should go without saying, of course, that this list of the most gruesome sports injuries of all-time features some very graphic videos and images. But I’ll say it anyway: this list contains some very graphic videos and images. So if you’re particularly squeamish, you might want to click through the slides quickly while squinting your eyes. And it’s definitely not appropriate for children.

Ready for the carnage? Well okay, then, let’s get started.


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