Epic Brawl Between Parents at Minor Hockey Game in Tweed, Ontario (Video)

parents brawl at youth hockey game

Sadly, fights between parents and other spectators at youth sporting events are quite common. Whether it’s because people are overly protective of their kids, or too wrapped up in their lives, or too inclined to bring a 12-pack of beer to kids baseball games, these fights happen.

However, no parents fight like hockey parents. Sure, baseball parents can mix it up pretty good, and football parents can certainly hold their own, but hockey parents are by far the most terrifying. These are people who get up at 4:30 A.M. on weekdays to drive their kids to practice an hour away. So they are both more dedicated and more sleep-deprived—a dangerous combination.

Want to see just how crazy hockey parents can get? Then check out this video from the Ontario Minor Hockey Association Bantam C Finals in Tweed, Ontario, this past Saturday. The “Bantam” part means we’re talking about kids who are 15 and under, and the “C” part means these are probably not future NHL stars. Nevertheless, some parents of the two teams—Tweed and Six Nations—got really worked up.

It started, as do all fan brawls, with some verbal sparring. The Six Nations parents were standing at the glass behind one of the goals, and the Tweed parents were around the corner in the stands. We don’t know what was said, or who really started it. The person who uploaded the video to YouTube basically blames the Six Nations parents for everything, but obviously the Tweed parents had to say something. What we do know is that the Six Nations parents finally had enough, and so they went over to confront the Tweed folks. And that’s when the fight broke out.

Take a look:

Apparently the Ontario Provincial Police were at the game, and they did throw one Tweed fan out. However, amazingly, no one was arrested.

Of course, now that this video is going viral, they have decided to “investigate” the incident a little more, which is probably a good idea.

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