Young Brazilian Soccer Fan Makes Dirty Tongue Gestures for the Camera (Video)

dirty brazil soccer fan

The propensity of sports fans to make dirty gestures when the camera is pointed at them has been well-documented on TotalProSports. We’ve seen grown men do it, we’ve seen college kids do it, we’ve seen otherwise respectable-looking women do it, and, sadly, we’ve even seen kids do it.

The guy in the video today? Well, he’s not exactly a kid. More like an adolescent. But he’s definitely a minor, and he made some dirty faces for the camera that I hadn’t really seen before at a sporting event.

It happened at a friendly soccer exhibition between Russia and Brazil yesterday in London. The cameras were panning around the crowd and happened to stop for a moment on a group of Brazilian fans. Then, a couple of young men noticed the camera was pointed at them, so one of them decided to use the opportunity to audition for a new girlfriend.

What do I mean? You’ll see.

Take a look, keeping an eye on the dude with the yellow scarf rapped around his neck in the bottom lefthand quadrant:

Do you ever get the feeling that some people are unaware that the internet exists?

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