The 13 NHL Goals Scored by Goalies

nhl goals scored by goalies

Last week, New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur scored the third goal of his illustrious NHL career. Well, over the weekend, I happened to overhear a couple of gentlemen discussing the issue of goalies scoring goals at a local drinking establishment that I sometimes frequent, and they were all wrong.

One said that the last goalie to score a goal was Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings. The other said there had only been six or seven goalie goals ever. At that moment, I realized I had to do something to set the record strait. And no, that did not mean butting into their conversation. It’s never a good idea to correct a couple of drunk hockey fans. Instead, I decided to write this list accounting for every goalie goal ever scored in the NHL.

You see, there have been 13 goals scored by goalies in the history of the NHL. Of those, six were intentionally shot by a goalie into the open net of the other team. The other seven were own goals that were awarded to the goalie because he was the last member of his team to touch the puck.

So who were these goal-scoring goalies? Let’s take a look.



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