Dude Proposes to Girlfriend at Halftime of Orlando Magic Game (Video)

orlando magic fan proposed to girlfriend at game

A lot of guys propose to their girlfriends at sporting events and, frankly, I’m not sure why. Even if the woman in question happens to be a huge sports nut, the odds that she wants to get engaged in front of 20,000 drunk basketball fans seems pretty slim. Chicks want rose petals and gondola rides and romantic scenery, not organ music and the smell of stale beer.

But like I said, guys propose to their girlfriends at sports events quite often. Sometimes they are successful, and sometimes the guy gets rejected. Sometimes the proposals are simple, and sometimes they are elaborate.

The one we have for you today? Well, I guess you’d say it’s one of the more elaborate ones. This guy in Orlando somehow arranged for his girlfriend to be chosen to participate in a halftime half-court shot contest. Then, after she fails miserably, there he was, right behind her ready to pop the question…with some doofus with a microphone narrating the whole thing.

It was very romantic. Take a look:

Maybe the Orlando Magic mascot, Stuff the Magic Dragon, can be their ring bearer.

Oh, and did I mention that this was at last night’s Magic game against the Heat—the one where Miami extended their winning streak to 27 games? Because it was.

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