Watch a Texas High School Senior Bench Press 700 Pounds (Video)

texas high school bench press 700 pounds Matt Poursoltani

If an NFL player had bench-pressed 700-pounds, we’d probably tell you about it—seeing as how Larry Allen‘s 705-pound lift is still considered to be an unofficial NFL record.

So it goes without saying that a Texas High School football player bench-pressing 700-pounds is certainly newsworthy.

The feat was accomplished by Pilot Point High senior, Matt Poursoltani, who performed the lift in front of a large crowd at the state powerlifting meet in Abilene on Saturday.  His 700-pound lift marked an incredible 130-pound improvement from his 570-pound lift at last year’s state meet, and it also set a new Texas state record.

You can check out the lift below:

Could he have made that look any easier?  I’m guessing Poursoltani bench-presses 800-pounds by this time next year.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the world record for heaviest bench-press is 1075-pounds, recorded by Ryan Kennelly in 2008.  Don’t expect Poursoltani to threaten that mark for at least another couple of years.

Hat Tip – [Dallas Morning News]

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