Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer Take on Kung Fu Crime Syndicate in New EA Sports Commercial (Video)

tiger woods arnold palmer ea sports commercial

Don’t look now, but it looks like Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods again.

By that I mean, of course, that Tiger Woods is starting to look more like the guy he used to be before his predilection for cheating on his wife with porn stars and cocktail waitresses went public, and his golf game went into the toilet. You know the guy I mean—the Tiger Woods that was the best golfer on the planet and a magnet for huge endorsement deals.

Tiger has started 2013 off pretty well. First, it was revealed that he’s dating superstar downhill skier Lindsey Vonn. That helped with his public image. Then he went and won three tournaments to start the year, thus reclaiming the world #1 ranking in golf after a long, 124-week absence.

All that’s left is for Tiger to become a huge endorsement candidate again. If he does that, then…oh, wait, it’s done.

EA Sports has apparently decided that Tiger’s image is wholesome enough again to really push the 2014 edition of their main golf title, Tiger Woods PGA Tour. So they made a huge commercial featuring Tiger and none other than the legendary Arnold Palmer. It’s basically a spoof of Hong Kong action movies, complete with an awesome kung fu fight scene and a special surprise guest.

Take a look:

Funny, right? Who doesn’t love watching an old guy do kung fu?

But anyway, yes, I’d say that Tiger is officially back. Bring on the 2013 Masters.

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