Line Brawl!: Kid Throws Cheap Shot After Cheap Shot at Minor Hockey Game in PEI (Video)

line brawl pei midget hockey game

Another day, another incident of violence at a Canadian minor hockey game.

Yesterday, of course, we told you about a bunch of classy parents brawling at a Class C Bantam (15 and under) game in rural Ontario. Today’s incident? A line brawl at a Class AA Midget (18 and under) game in PEI.

The two teams involved were the Tignish Aces and the Sherwood Falcons, and while they really do go at it, on the surface it doesn’t seem like there is anything particularly interesting about this brawl. However, if you look carefully, you’ll notice a couple of very interesting things.

First, keep an eye out for #22 in the black sweater. At the 0:08 mark, he appears in the center of the screen, punching another player in the back. Then that other player falls to the ice, and we see #22 kick the guy. That really is kind of a no-no in hockey.

However, #22 wasn’t done yet. After he finishes with his first opponent, he skates over to another guy in a white sweater, spears him with the butt of his stick, and follows that with a backhanded slash. Then the camera pans away for a couple seconds, and when it comes back we see #22 crosschecking a couple of guys in the face.

So, you know, real sportsmanlike stuff.

Meanwhile—and here’s the second interesting thing about this brawl—the guy up in the PA booth just keeps on blasting the Swedish House Mafia throughout the entire thing. You’d think they would turn the music off while all hell is breaking loose, but I guess these kids need tunes while they fight.

Have a look:

Remind me never to get involved in Canadian youth hockey. It looks kind of dangerous.

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