Montenegro Soccer Fans Brawl Amongst Themselves Before World Cup Qualifier Against England (Video)

montenegro soccer fans brawl in stands before game against england

There was a lot at steak in yesterday’s FIFA World Cup qualifier between England and Montenegro. Coming in, Montenegro—not England, or Poland, or even the Ukraine—was sitting at the top of Europe’s qualifying Group H with 13 points. Two points behind Montenegro, in second place, was England with 11 points.

Since only the team that wins its group is guaranteed a spot at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, that’s a big deal. England had hopes of winning the game and taking over first place, while Montenegro had hopes of winning and taking a commanding five-point lead, making a trip to the World Cup that much more likely.

Obviously, with those kinds of stakes, given the importance of soccer in Europe, you’d expect the fans to be pretty jacked up. You might even expect to see a brawl or two inside or outside the stadium. However, you would also expect that such brawls would be between the fans of the two opposing teams.

As for the brawls we actually saw in Podgorica, Montenegro yesterday, they involved just Montenegro fans.

What were they fighting about? Who knows. Maybe one group insisted that people from Montenegro should be called Montenegrons, while the other was adamant that they should be called Montenegrese. I have no idea. But they got into one nasty brawl with each other before the game even started.

Take a look:

Those Montenegronians sure take their soccer seriously, don’t you think?

So how did the game turn out? The teams played to a 1-1 draw, thus preserving the status quo.

All that fighting for nothing.

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