Mr. T Shoots During the Chicago Blackhawks Intermission Contest (Video)

mr. t shoots puck at blackhawks game

You know what I love about Chicago? Yes, of course the deep dish pizza. But besides that? I love the fact that, if you’re from the Windy City and you ever achieve even the slightest bit of national fame, you are a hero for life. You could wind up practically broke and doing informercials on late-night telelvision, but if you’re ever in your home town you can always find somebody to buy you a beer and, better yet, you can always get tickets to see the local sports teams play.

Don’t believe it? Just look at all the people who have sung “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at Wrigley Field over the years. Sure, some of them were legit national celebrities, but most were just washed up and faded out Chicago celebrities.

And it’s not just the Cubs that show love to Chicago’s own. The Blackhawks get in on the action, too. Last night, for example, they had the one and only Mr. T take part in the puck-shooting contest during the second intermission of their game against the Calgary Flames.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Mr. T as much as the next guy. But we are talking about a guy who was famous for about three years in the 1980s just for saying “I pity the fool.” He’s not exactly Bill Murray.

However, Mr. T is from Chicago, and they love him. So there he was last night in his own Mr. T jersey, hamming it up with a Comcast reporter at center ice. Have a look:

It’s nice to know the guy still pities things. Pathos always was his most admirable quality.

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